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elixir PREMIUM NAD⁺ has adopted special enzymatic technology, which ensures the best bioavailability. It also by-passes the need to convert the NAD precursor (NR/NMN) into NAD⁺, which ensures NAD⁺ is delivered more efficiently into the body.

NAD⁺ is essential to cell metabolism and energy generation and is critical in activating enzymes for DNA repair and cell regeneration.

Working in synergy with the added Resveratrol and Rhodiola Rosea, Elixir PREMIUM NAD⁺ capsules can protect cell tissues against DNA oxidation or free radical damage and support cellular health.



Mitochondria can account for 25% of the cytoplasmic volume, and the number of mitochondria depends on the level of cellular metabolism, the more metabolic activity, the more mitochondria there will be. Mitochondria can be thought of as a 'cell energy factory' because its main function is to convert the energy produced by the oxidation of organic matter into ATP (adenosine triphosphate), also known as the source of human energy.


Each cell in the human body has an average of 1,000 to 2,000 mitochondria, and each cell in extremely energy consuming tissues (such as heart, brain, and retina) has 10,000 mitochondria (some ovarian cells of women can have upwards of 100,000 mitochondria).

NAD⁺ is a key coenzyme that the mitochondria in every cells of our body depend on to fuel all basic functions. It can be seen as a substance essential to basic biological processes in life.

NAD⁺ can activate up to 7 genes within the Sirtuin gene group (Sirtuin 1-7) which is responsible for longevity in human life. NAD⁺ also activates the DNA repair enzyme PARP-1 thus achieving anti-ageing effect at the source of life restoring the body to its top performing original state and improvement of longevity.

When a person reaches 40, it is commonly the case for the NAD⁺ level within their body to have fallen to 50% of their youth. When they reach 80, the level would have fallen to only 1% to 10% of their youth.

As we age, our body produces less NAD⁺ and the communication between the mitochondria and cell nucleus is impaired. Decreasing NAD⁺ level impairs the cells’ ability to make energy, which leads to ageing and degeneration.

Consumption of elixir PREMIUM NAD⁺ can effectively reverse the downward trend of decreasing levels.


There are also historic references, namely “The Book of Shu” to such a body reaction in traditional Chinese medicine, which advocated a strong response to a medication is an important sign of it being effective. Of course, it was also noted that it was not always necessary for the medication to be effective in treating an ailment.

Many people will have also experienced such a condition after consuming health supplements and see it as a gauge as to whether something is effective. It is probable that consuming NAD⁺ and its other molecular precursors would exhibit a more obvious reaction.

The process of recovery therefore can take a while so please give the body a little time and don't give up when you are experiencing a transitory adjustment response otherwise it will affect the ability of the body to repair itself.

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7-14 DAYS
  1. Mitochondria begins to repair and longevity genes have now been activated
  2. Re-balancing of the body towards the natural hours of daytime and the night commences
  3. Sleep quality begins to adjust and periods of deep sleep gradually increases
Transitory Adjustment Response
May feel sleepy earlier than usual and there is a chance of excessive sleeping
  1. The skin finishes the renewal cycle and the skin condition is significantly improved.
  2. Inflammation of the skin tissue is reduced with sleep quality and the mental state continuing to improve.
Transitory Adjustment Response
Some people may develop redness and light temperature on the face and joints. The detoxification process is occasionally accompanied by a tingling feeling.
  1. Mitochondrial function and DNA have been automatically repaired
  2. Brain weaknesses have reduced with ability to focus and memory significantly improved
  3. Metabolism returns to a more regular, younger rate
  4. Healthier cells enable the body to feel more relaxed
  • Delay the decline of physiological condition
  • Effectively reverse the downward trend of decreasing NAD⁺ levels due to increased age
  1. Strengthened immune system, more directly reduces brain weaknesses
  2. Physical fitness is improved and an obvious feeling that the body is more relaxed and does not get tired as easily
Less prone to minor ailments especially during seasonal alternation
  1. The mind is clearer and the body is stronger
  2. Maintaining body muscle density, heart and other organ functions
  • Various functions of the body enter a younger state
  • Stabilise the oxidation level of blood vessels
  • Major organ function is maintained and improved
  • The elderly will feel more flexibility in their hands and knee joints than in the previous year.

WHAT IS Nicotinic Acid ?

Nicotinic acid is one of the 13 essential vitamins in the body. It is a nutrient for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and many other substances in the body. Nicotinic acid is converted into nicotinamide in the human body. Nicotinamide is a component of coenzymes I and II, which is used in the metabolism of lipid, the respiration process of tissues and the anaerobic decomposition of carbohydrates in the body.

Nicotinic acid has many beneficial effects on human tissues, especially regarding cholesterol and lipoprotein metabolism.

High dosage of nicotinic acid can increase DHL (beneficial cholesterol) levels by 35% in the body, while also reducing LDL (harmful cholesterol) levels by 25% and triglyceride levels by 50%.

There have also been researches done on the use of nicotinic acid in other therapeutic areas. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved nicotinic acid for the treatment of pellagra and other research evidence also suggests that nicotinic acid may reduce the risk of Alzheimer, cataract and osteoarthritis.


WHAT IS Nicotinamide ?

Nicotinamide is an essential nutrient for mammals and plays a role in the metabolism of proteins and sugars.

Nicotinamide is a component of the coenzymes I and II and is involved in the metabolism of lipid, the respiration of tissues and anaerobic decomposition of carbohydrates.

It can be used as a nutritional additive in cosmetics, as well as in medicine, food and animal feeds. The main function of nicotinamide is to prevent skin from becoming dull and yellowish and repair damaged stratum corneum. It can also protect various tissues and organs in the body from physical, mechanical and chemical damage as well as against pathogenic microbial invasion.


Using a unique formulation, the effective anti-oxidation ingredient resveratrol is combined with the historic royal herbal supplement Rhodiola to give additional health benefits.


Resveratrol is a terpenoid compound, widely found in grapes, peanuts, polygonum cuspidatum, cassia, gourd and other natural antioxidants. Predominately through the elimination of free radicals, it is capable of suppressing free radical production and lipid peroxidation, and by increasing the activity of enzymes and expression of genes that affect oxidation, it is considered to possess antioxidation property. In many of the cellular research, resveratrol has been shown to have a positive impact.

In a research published in ‘Nature’ in Decemeber 2014, it was reported that resveratrol played an active role as a protective enzyme. The researchers conducted experiments in mice and found that when resveratrol is combined with an enzyme called TyrRS, their combination mimics a type of amino acids that plays a positive role in cell repair. In addition, resveratrol has also been reported to be useful in a range of literatures in fighting against a range of illnesses, for example cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.



NAD+ is a key co-enzyme that the mitochondria in every cell of our bodies depend on to fuel all basic functions. Low NAD+ levels impair mitochondria function and are implicated in health problems such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, immune problems while ageing. Scientists have now confirmed a direct link between falling NAD+ levels and ageing in both animal and in human subjects.

As we age, our bodies produce less NAD+ and the communication between the Mitochondria and cell nucleus is impaired.

Decreasing NAD+ levels also negatively affect each of the cell’s ability to create energy, which is potentially a key factor as to why we age and become prone to degenerative diseases.


Rhodiola, is a perennial grass or shrub plant of Sedum, which grows in plateaus around the world and has the effects of increasing work efficiency, eliminating fatigue and preventing mountain sickness.


Modern research shows that Rhodiola, apart from the traditional reliefs that it offers against fatigue, hypoxia and cold, it also possesses resistance against microwave radiation and is capable of improving work efficiency and enhances the body’s response to stimuli such as light and electricity.

Modern pharmacology also suggests the use of Rhodiola for enhanced exercise endurance and in the fight against cancer cells. Experiments have shown that Rhodiola rosea extract can effectively reduce blood sugar levels and increases protection against oxidation. As a result it is suggested that Rhodiola may have a positive effect in preventing against hyperglycemia. Other clinical studies have also shown that Rhodiola in protecting against pneumonia and asthma.

Other researches have indicated that Rhodiola has anti-cancer and anti-mutation properties, and it is able to do so by affecting the mechanism which regulates the cell cycle which would then result in apoptosis of the cancer cells. A 2006 study showed that Rhodiola can inhibit the division and growth of HL-60 blood cancer cells and reduce their chances of survival. Additional studies have also indicated that Rhodiola can inhibit the growth and spread of lung cancer cells.




Why is there a temporary redness and light temperature on my skin which lasts only momentarily, particularly in the face and joint areas, possibly with a tingling feeling shortly after consumption. Do I need to worry if it is an allergy?
There is nothing to worry about, normally these signs would disappear within 30 minutes. After several days of continuous consumption the above mentioned redness or tingling would stop appearing altogether. These are not signs of allergies and should not be viewed as a cause of concern. This is because of the enhanced blood flow to areas that were previously harder to reach, e.g. knee joints. The increased blood flow will also help to flush out waste material which have built up, hence, the occasional tingling feeling.
Why is elixir able to more readily replenish NAD+ levels and improve on a range of health ailments such as brain weaknesses?
elixir PREMIUM NAD+ is the only product available on the market that allows 100% direct and complete absorption. This allows the body to immediately and directly initiate the repair processes and return the body to peak performance conditions. The absorbed NAD+ can assist in the extension of the life of the telomerase and produce energy and chemical signals. This will assist in balancing the metabolic rate of cells and the transfer of netural signals.
Why do I feel sleepy earlier than usual after taking elixir PREMIUM NAD?
For people with long term sleep deprivation, after taking elixir, the body will begin to rebalance towards the natural rest hours during the night. The body will give out a strong signal to remind you to rest and sleep quality begins to adjust and periods of deep sleep gradually increases. As a result feeling sleepy earlier is usually a transient reaction.


Why is NAD+ more effective than vitamins?
NAD+ is involved in over 200 redox reactions including energy synthesis and activation of the 7 longevity gene groups and initiation of the mechanism of DNA repair. This is something that cannot be achieved by vitamins. elixir PREMIUM NAD+ is much more powerful in anti-ageing and illness prevention.
How often do I need to consume in order for the NAD+ to be effective? What if I missed a regular dosage, would that stop the benefits? If I stop the consumption after a period of use, would there be any adverse symptoms?
•It is recommended that the daily consumption of the capsule should be taken after meal. The amount of NAD+ available in your body will gradually adjust.
•If on occasions the consumption of the daily capsule is missed, there is no detriments to the benefits to be gained from long term consumption.
•If after a period of use and consumption is stopped entirely, metabolism and body functions will resume the normal rate of ageing according to living habits and the environment. The condition of the body will not revert back to the state prior to consumption
Can I take the NAD+ capsules along with my regular diet? Is there any food that I should avoid in particular during periods of NAD+ consumption? Are there any known problems of allergies?
•Yes, it is also recommended that a healthy diet is maintained together with regular exercises.
•It is not recommended to consume the NAD+ capsules with an irritant such as alcohol.
•elixir PREMIUM NAD+ can enhance human peripheral blood circulation and assist blood vessels to dilate within 1-2 hours after use. Some users can experience a slight increase in temperature in the face, hands and feet regions within an hour of use. A small number of users can also experience a weak tingling feeling, which is due to the benefit of blood reaching parts of the body that were previously harder to reach such as the knee joints as a result of the increased peripheral blood circulation.
These are normal body responses that will disappear within 30 minutes. The redness will stop after several days of continuous use. These responses are not allergic reactions and are not a cause of concern.
If after my health has improved, would it revert back to my original state if I stop consuming the NAD+? Would my health deteriorates or would it stay at the improved level so long as I don’t suffer illnesses?
•If after a period of use and there has been an improvement in health but the user has opted to stop the consumption of the capsule, the body will resume the normal rate of ageing and metabolism from the enhanced level of health but would still be affected by lifestyle choices and the environment. There will however be no bounce back effects.
•The general health of the individual after stopping consumption will not deteriorate unless the person falls ill. The general health will remain at the enhanced level unless affected by negative lifestyle choices or being subsequently exposed to a detrimental environment.
Why is it important to replenish NAD+ in our body and how can I monitor my health? Does it mean that there will be less problems caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and diet after consuming the NAD+?
NAD+ is a key coenzyme in the human body and it exists in living cells to supply fuel to the mitochondria in every cell of the body for carrying out basic functions. It is essential for the basic biological processes that sustain life.
It is, therefore, very important to replenish the level of NAD+ in the body. A before and after physical data comparison can be done after 3-6 months of use or attention could be directed at the responses exhibited by the body. Comparison data should be consolidated and compared against the exhibited body responses for a better assessment of the results. NAD+ activates up to seven longevity genes, Sirtuin1-7, to simulate the beneficial effects restricting calories has on longevity. It also activates the DNA repair enzyme PARP-1 to fight ageing at the source of life. However, we also strongly recommend maintaining a healthy diet and to have a habit of doing exercises. NAD+ is like a force that strengthens the fortress defense, but it is useful only if the fortress is properly maintained, and unhealthy lifestyles choices and diets are not recommended.
Can I take the NAD+ capsules during cancer treatment or if previously diagnosed to have cancer?
Yes, but it is not recommended. Since the cause of cancer is uncertain, elixir cannot act as an anticancer drug. If you have any questions, please kindly contact a medical professional for consultation prior to use.
Can cancer survivors consume the NAD+ capsules?
Yes, it is especially suitable for cancer survivors. NAD+ recovers the damage done to the DNA within our cells due to radiation, pollution and stress. NAD+ also activates the DNA repair mechanism at the source of life, restoring the body to its top performing original state. It helps to recover the damaged cells.


How long should I expect to wait before general improvement to my health can be expected?
Capsules are usually decomposed within 10-15 minutes after ingestion. NAD+ and its precursors are directly absorbed by the body to achieve the desired effects. After continuous consumption of 14 days or more, the body will have very clearly felt the adjustment responses. Continuous consumption will further enhance the regulating fundamentals of cellular, tissue and organ functions.
Is it helpful or would it be harmful to take more than the recommended daily dosage? Is there an upper limit as to how much I can consume a day and does the improvement process speeds up if I consume more than the recommended allowance?
The professional elixir R&D team has designed and composited the ingredients in the most suitable dosage ratio for Asians. The recommended daily dosage is the outcome of careful design after taking into consideration of what is the best quantity of each material for absorption by the body. It is unnecessary and not advised to go beyond the recommended amount to try to increase the rate of the improvement process.
What are the signs that are likely indicators of an improvement in health?
The capsule will bring 8 major functional improvements to the body, and will at the initial stage be accompanied by an adjustment response that varies from person to person. For example:
•Occasionally experience tiredness and possibly be wanting to fall asleep at an earlier time. The quality and period of deep sleep will gradually increase, and as a result concentration during the day will increase.
•If the user has currently fallen victim to a chronic disease, the symptoms of the disease may improve.
•During seasonal change or periods of disease outbreaks, the body will benefit from a more stable immune system that act as a firewall against the diseases.
•The skin will feel younger and hair loss and related problems will reduce.
*If you have any questions, please kindly contact a doctor for consultation prior to use.


The name Elixir by definition can have several meanings, it can mean a magic potion, a potent cure or ,as sometimes used in the literatures and movies, to mean the fountain of youth. This is precisely the guiding mission of our brand. We have a team of internationally renowned scientists, researchers and doctors, based in Australia, who specialise in the research of anti-ageing and the reinvigoration of the physiology of the body. It had been discovered that NAD⁺ can effectively repair and boost the function of the mitochondria which would as a result lead to the delay in the onset of the ageing process thus helping to maintain youth at the source of life.

Our products are manufactured in our Australian laboratories that fully meet the standards of cGMP and TGA, which are widely accepted as the most stringent standard on product safety and quality.

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